Shoulder solutions

Your shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body and we’re working to keep it that way. Stryker has worked for the past several decades to provide innovative bone-preserving solutions improving quality of life for patients worldwide. We have partnered with orthopaedic surgeons to place more than 100,000 shoulder replacements.1

Tornier Flex Shoulder System

The two most common types of shoulder replacement are primary total shoulder replacement and reverse total shoulder replacement. Tornier Flex features a convertible short-stem and can be used for primary or reverse total shoulder replacement.

Tornier Simpliciti Shoulder System

Tornier Simpliciti Shoulder System is a stemless shoulder replacement system, featuring a “nucleus” instead of a long stem. A stemless implant is designed to preserve more bone than a traditional long-stemmed shoulder replacement implant.

Blueprint 3D Planning

Blueprint is a software program that features 3D pre-operative planning and 3D printing of Patient Specific Instrumentation (PSI) for shoulder replacement. With the use of Blueprint orthopaedic surgeons can develop personalized pre-operative 3D plans providing insight into each patient’s shoulder anatomy. Watch a video to learn more.


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