Local doctor talks about less invasive form of shoulder replacement

The Leader
Chris Roark

After years of renovating houses and working on a farm, Tommie’s shoulder had worn out, causing her to struggle to do household chores or to write on the board in her classroom. She received injections to help the pain, but they lasted only a short time, leading her to seek a long-term solution. Tommie went to see Dr. Ian Wilkofsky of Orthopedic Associates in Flower Mound, Texas, who recommended she receive the SIMPLICITI Shoulder System. He explained it is a less painful option than traditional shoulder replacements for those with severe arthritis or shoulder pain, and Tommie decided to undergo the procedure. Dr. Wilkofsky highlighted how ad ...

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Shoulder replacement procedure could bring relief for arthritis pain

CBS Indianapolis

A few years ago, Nanette began experiencing severe shoulder pain and arthritis after relying heavily on upper-body strength following knee replacement surgery. Beginning in 2008, Nanette underwent multiple procedures on both shoulders to try to heal the bones, but nothing could stop the pain she experienced. Seeking a solution, she went to see Dr. Tom Kaplan, an orthopedic surgeon at Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center, who recommended a short stem shoulder replacement, the SIMPLICITI™ Shoulder System. Dr. Kaplan explained the methods used in shoulder replacement surgery and said the new short stem design offers several advantages, including easi ...

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My Name Is: Nellie Sparks Recipient of total shoulder replacement

Lakewood Sentinel

Retired Lakewood resident Nellie Sparks started having problems with her left shoulder about four to five years ago. She first noticed the problem when she tried to take a pose in yoga, and realized she wasn’t as flexible as she should have been. Putting stress on it caused a lot of pain, but Nellie put it off getting addressed for a while, using cortisone shots to get her by. Finally, unable to deal with the pain which kept her from doing the activities she loved, and struggling to complete everyday tasks like put on her seatbelt, Nellie went to see Dr. Armodios Hatzidakis at Western Orthopedics. He recommended a total shoulder placement wit ...

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New Device Improves Shoulder Replacement Procedure

Washington DC
NBC 4 Washington

John Bowling of Hollywood, Maryland, suffered from serious shoulder pain for years and in 2015, it started to interfere with his everyday activities as a farm owner. When the pain escalated to where he could no longer perform simple tasks, such as dressing himself, his wife made an appointment for John with Dr. Peter Johnston of the Southern Maryland Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. Dr. Johnston found that both of Bowling’s shoulders had deteriorated due to arthritis and bi-lateral replacement was the only option. He recommended a new stemless shoulder replacement procedure. Dr. Johnston explained that shoulder replacement historically ...

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